Toilet training

I had been trying to toilet train my little one for nearly a month but without success. She doesn’t like the potty but is happy to sit on the toilet, like the others in the family. Since she is too little to sit comfortably, I put a kid’s toilet seat for her, each time she needs to sit. She sits for a few seconds and says, “Finish”, when she hasn’t done anything. She would happily inform me after she wets her nappy and I would get frustrated. Being a bit busy over the period, got me being inconsistent with taking her to simply sit on the toilet regularly.


Determined to succeed, I tried taking her to the toilet regularly but no success. Then, a week after her third birthday, my hubby was away for the weekend, so I took her shopping and bought some ‘frozen’ and ‘pony’ undies. She was happy to wear them and I made her sit on the toilet every hour, over the weekend. Yes, I set the timer on my phone. She still did the jobs in her undies. I persisted. On the third day, I told her to keep the urine tightly inside her bottom and after sitting on the toilet, to let it go, with a deep sigh. The next time she passed urine in the toilet. I was so happy. I clapped and praised her. She was happy too. After a couple of days she started passing motion too, in the toilet. I put her in a nappy during sleep time and when we go out. Each time she uses the toilet she claps hands and praises herself. 🙂


There have been a couple of accidents, when she was so engrossed in play that she didn’t realise the need to go to the toilet. I try to remind her when she is busy playing.

I am sooo happy that we succeeded. 🙂



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