Coconut fish curry

This is the easiest fish curry recipe I have and it’s so flavoursome. Just grind coconut with a few other ingredients, add to the fish and cook. Tempering gives added flavour and aroma.





Coconut oil   2 tablespoons

French shallots   3

Curry leaves    3 sprigs

Ginger    2 inch piece

Tomato (large)    1

Coconut   1 cup

Turmeric powder    1/2 teaspoon

Chilly powder     1 tablespoon

Water    2 cups

Gamboge   3 pieces

Green chilly (big)    1

Salt     2 tablespoons or more

Fish    1 kg


Grind two shallots, ginger, tomato, coconut and turmeric powder to a paste. Add the chilly powder and salt and just pulse twice. Add the paste to the cooking pot followed by two sprigs of curry leaves, gamboge, green chilly and water. Mix and adjust the salt if needed. Add the fish and cook covered, for 10-15mins( if fresh or thawed).

Heat oil in small pan and add the remaining shallot, chopped. Add the remaining curry leaf sprig and saute till the shallot turns golden. Add the tempering to the curry. Close the pot and let the tempering do it job or at least 10 minutes. Gently swirl the pot to mix before serving.














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