For quite a while, I had been looking for an icing without sugar that looks beautiful and attractive, especially to kids. Recently, I discovered the beauty of ganache. I had seen many recipes using it but realised it’s uses, after watching a video by MyCupcakeAddiction.






I used half a cup of 70% dark chocolate with quarter cup of thickened cream and heated it in the microwave. Stirred it till it turned glossy. Delicious but bitter for kids, even after adding some maple syrup. I enjoyed it from the fridge, after each lunch and dinner. The next time, I used milk chocolate and cream, in the same ratio. They loved it, but it was too sweet for me. Finally, I made a ganache with dark chocolate and cream in equal quantities and some sugar to sweeten it. Not bad; they said it was ok but ate the cake, topped with the ganache, happily.


Milk chocolate ganache



Dark chocolate ganache with sugar






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