Simple Cassava dish

Cassava is a starchy root veggie, popular in many parts of the world. A friend of ours, who grows lots of veggies in their backyard, gave us some tapioca, few days ago. Cleaning the root is time consuming, as I’m not used to doing it. Nothing beats fresh produce gifted, so I persevered and made a simple dish.



Cassava   2 long roots

Coconut   1 cup

French shallot      2

Green chilly    1

Turmeric powder      1/4 teaspoon

Curry leaves    2 sprigs

Salt      1  tablespoon

Peel the roots, wash and immerse them in water, in a pan and boil with the salt. Drain the water. Grind the coconut, shallots, chilly and turmeric powder and add to the Cassava. Stir for two minutes and check the salt. Add the curry leaves and mix. Enjoy as such or with some fish curry or chutney.







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